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Beware, New Scam Targeting Wisconsinites

February 14, 2014

From the Milwaukee Journal:

Deed Scam Tricks New Homeowners Into Buying Useless Documents

Scammers doing business under multiple names — including Record Transfer Services — are soliciting consumers nationwide who conducted recent real estate transactions.

The company tries to trick people into paying more than $80 for useless property records, including deeds that they can get for a few bucks from their county government.

Among the victims of the deed scam are new homeowners in Wisconsin. They are deceived by Record Transfer Services’ formal-looking letter, which looks like a government bill and asks for an $83 “document fee” for a deed and “real property records” by a certain deadline.

The letter says to send money to Record Transfer Services — or one of its aliases, Property Transfer Services, Conveyance Transfer Services, Record Retrieval Department and National Deed Service — at an address in South Dakota, Delaware, California or Michigan.


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