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Truck crashes are often more complicated than accidents involving cars or other passenger vehicles. Multiple parties may potentially be liable, there are various insurance coverages that may apply and the injuries from these crashes can be life-changing. The Green Bay truck accident lawyers are Sigman, Janssen, Sewall, Pitz & Burkham are ready to help answer your questions about taking legal action.

You can contact us right away to learn how we may be able to help you. Your initial meeting with us is free and confidential, and if we represent you there will be no attorney fees unless you recover compensation. We have obtained millions in compensation for accident victims in Wisconsin in several decades of legal practice, including a $540,000 recovery on behalf of a truck accident victim that was obtained by attorney Mark Sewall.

If you were injured in a truck accident in the Green Bay area or the Fox Cities – and you believe another motorist was at fault – contact our team of professionals as soon as possible to learn more about your legal options.

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Building a Truck Accident Case

Truck drivers are often at fault for truck accidents that injure occupants of passenger vehicles. There are many reasons they could be at fault for an accident. For example, they may have been drowsy or fallen asleep at the wheel. Others may be the result of the driver being drunk or on drugs.

However, drivers are not the only ones who can be held liable for truck accidents. There are other parties that may be legally responsible for the truck itself, the trailer connected to the truck, or the cargo inside the trailer.

These parties could include:

  • Truck driver’s employer
  • Company that owned the truck
  • Company that leased the truck or trailer
  • Manufacturer of the truck
  • Company responsible for maintaining the truck
  • Company responsible for the cargo, including loading and securing of the cargo in the trailer

Determining the cause of a truck accident and who is at fault is very complicated and time-consuming. You do not have to deal with this on your own. If our reputable Green Bay truck accident attorneys determine you have a case and you hire us, we can handle building your case. We want you to have the time to focus on your health.

How Much Is My Truck Accident Case Worth?

When medical expenses begin to mount, accident victims often begin thinking about filing a lawsuit to provide financial relief. They may then begin to wonder what their case may be worth.

At the law office of Sigman, Janssen, Sewall, Pitz & Burkham, we have the answers that you may be looking for. Having an experienced attorney on your side can be a significant advantage when it comes to evaluating the value of your claim. Our Green Bay truck accident attorneys have recovered fair compensation for many injury victims. Partner James Pitz has obtained more than $100 million in compensation for Sigman Janssen clients.

However, as every case is different, we welcome you to call us today so that we can learn more about your specific claim. If you have a valid case, there are many types of damages we may be able to pursue on your behalf:

Medical Care Costs

The most visible effect of a truck accident is the physical injury you suffered, whether it is a broken bone, disfigurement, burns, severe lacerations, spinal cord damage or head injury, among other types of injuries. There are also less visible injuries, such as internal organ damage, brain bleeds, whiplash, and soft tissue injuries.

Treating truck accident injuries is often quite expensive. You will likely need treatment right after the accident and much more in the weeks and months ahead. This includes surgeries, medical tests, prescriptions for medications to manage pain and other symptoms, and follow-ups with specialists to diagnose and treat everything.

Lost Wages

Missing work can be quite costly, particularly when you miss more than just a few days. In some cases, truck accident injuries are so severe and life-changing, victims are never able to work again or must drastically reduce the hours they work or their responsibilities. Some people must change fields or work in a totally new industry because of the physical limitations created by their injuries.

Our attorneys understand how devastating it can be to individuals and their families to suffer a significant loss of income. If you lose the ability to work in the same job as before the accident, our Green Bay truck accident lawyers can carefully evaluate your potential future earning capacity based on your age, experience and education to determine how much compensation you should receive for your lost earning capacity.

Loss of Consortium

Your injuries may affect you in such a way that you cannot express affection in the same way you used to. You may lose intimacy with your spouse and be unable to provide the same level of care for your children as you used to do.

These issues can seriously diminish the quality of life for you and your spouse and children. This is why the law allows you to pursue compensation for the effects of these damages. Our attorneys know how to substantiate claims for loss of consortium.

Pain and Suffering

Physical pain is something that does not have a specific value attached to it. Our Green Bay truck accident attorneys can base the value of your physical pain on your medical records and your account of the pain you are feeling. This is why keeping a daily pain journal can be very helpful as we try to recover the full value of your physical pain.

Our attorneys may also be able to pursue compensation for loss of enjoyment of life if your injuries keep you from taking part in things you enjoyed before you were injured.

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Insurance Coverage for Truck Accident Injuries

Another thing that makes truck accident cases complicated is the insurance coverages involved. There are various insurance coverages that may apply to your accident. These may include:

  • General liability
  • Bobtail insurance
  • Uninsured motorist coverage
  • Trailer interchange
  • Umbrella policies

These are just a few of the coverages that may apply. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) also has insurance requirements for trucking companies. They must have liability coverage if the truck driver is found to be at fault for the accident. This coverage pays for damages suffered by victims of the crash:

  • Trucks transporting bulk hazardous materials need $1,000,000 in coverage
  • Trucks carrying non-hazardous cargo that weighs more than 10,001 pounds need at least $750,000 in coverage
  • Trucks that have non-bulk hazardous material need $500,000 in coverage

However, you do not have to worry about reviewing insurance policies. Our Green Bay truck accident attorneys are prepared to handle this for you because we have in-depth knowledge of these issues. We can also handle communication with these insurance companies on your behalf.

Our attorneys welcome an opportunity to find out how we can assist you at this time.

What You Should Do After a Truck Accident Occurs

When a truck accident happens, acting quickly is extremely important. Insurance companies and attorneys for at-fault parties will be acting very quickly to find ways to avoid responsibility for the crash. They may even contact you to offer a lowball settlement in hopes you will accept it and the entire matter can be finished.

This is why victims should do their best to take steps to protect their claim. This could include:

Gathering Evidence at the Scene

Take pictures of the damage to your vehicle and damage to the truck. Gather identifying information about the truck, including the words printed on the side of the trailer. Talk to the driver and get his or her contact and insurance information. Write down the name of the trucking company. Ask for vehicle registration information as well.

However, if it is unsafe for you to get out of your car or you are physically unable to walk around to collect evidence, do not worry about it. You can deal with it later with the help of a trusted Green Bay truck accident lawyer. You should never put yourself in danger or risk making your injuries worse to gather evidence.

Ask Witnesses What They Saw

Look around for witnesses to the crash. Ask them what they saw and make sure to take notes. Ask them how to contact them in the future if you have more questions and write down their information.

Be Careful with Insurance Companies

If insurance company representatives come to the scene, be careful what you say. You can simply refuse to give a statement until a later time. You are under no obligation to give a statement right away, despite what they may say. They are asking you to say something in hopes you will admit fault or say something that hurts the value of your claim.

Seek Medical Assistance

You need your injuries reviewed by trained medical professionals. This way they can be properly treated and documented in your medical record. Waiting to seek treatment is not only bad for your health, it could hurt your claim.

After you receive treatment, you can contact an attorney to determine if you have a case. If you have grounds for filing an insurance claim or lawsuit, and you decide to move forward, the attorneys at Sigman Janssen can get to work right away. This includes sending a letter to the trucking company instructing it to preserve evidence, such as video footage. This can be critical to the success of your claim.

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Laws Regulating Commercial Trucking

Our attorneys have in-depth knowledge of trucking industry regulations, both federal and state, that may have an impact on your case. Establishing liability is often about proving the driver or others violated regulations, and these violations directly contributed to the accident that resulted in you suffering an injury.

Truck drivers commonly violate hours of service regulations, which limit the number of consecutive hours they can be on the road. This can result in drivers being drowsy or sleepy behind the wheel and increase the risk of an accident.

These regulations say drivers carrying property cannot drive more than 11 hours after being off duty for 10 straight hours. These regulations also state that drivers cannot operate commercial vehicles after 60-70 hours on duty over a period of seven or eight consecutive days.

Wisconsin also has numerous regulations for motor carriers and the trucking industry. For example, due to long winters in this state, some pavements and road surfaces are at their weakest due to freezing and thawing. Due to this, sections of certain highways have weight limits during the springtime freezing and thawing period.

We have studied these regulations and know how to determine when violations occurred. It costs nothing to meet with us right away to find out how we can apply this knowledge to your accident if we determine you have a case.

Common Types of Truck Crashes

If you were involved in a collision with a truck and suffered injuries, and someone else is at fault, you may be owed compensation for the damages that result from your injuries. It does not matter what kind of accident you were involved in.

Our Green Bay personal injury lawyers take on cases involving numerous kinds of truck accidents, including the kinds of accidents described below:

Rollover Crashes

If a truck tips over, it is known as a rollover accident. These crashes are often the result of the driver speeding or taking a corner at an excessive speed.

Rear-End Accidents

Trucks need much more space and time to stop than smaller vehicles so there is a greater risk of rear-end collisions, particularly when drivers are tired or distracted. The force of impact can result in serious injury to the occupant of the passenger vehicle.

Blind-Spot Accidents

Trucks have huge blinds spots all around them. These vehicles are so large that it is impossible to position mirrors to avoid large blind spots. Drivers need to be extra cautious when changing lanes to avoid crashing into smaller vehicles.

Underride Collisions

Rear-ending a truck is extremely dangerous because your vehicle can slide under the back of the trailer. Victims of these crashes are often killed from the impact.

Jackknife Accidents

Sometimes commercial trucks’ brakes lock up, causing the trailer to swing out and form a 90-degree angle. It almost looks like the way some knives open up, which is why these collisions are called jackknife collisions.

Head-On Crashes

Many fatal truck accidents involve head-on collisions that occur at high speeds on interstates and roads with higher speed limits. These crashes often occur when truck drivers are traveling the wrong way because they are drunk or distracted.

No matter what kind of crash you were involved in, our Green Bay truck accident lawyers are ready to review your situation. We want to determine if you may be owed compensation and how we can work on helping you to get it.

Types of Commercial Trucks

Our truck accident lawyers in Green Bay represent clients involved in crashes with various types of large trucks and commercial vehicles, including:

  • Semi-trucks
  • 18 wheelers
  • Tankers
  • Garbage trucks
  • Buses
  • Dump trucks
  • Mail delivery vehicles
  • Ambulances

No matter what kind of commercial vehicle hit yours, do not wait to contact an attorney after an accident. You have limited time to pursue compensation, and evidence can be quickly lost or destroyed. The sooner you contact an attorney, the sooner he or she can determine if you have a case and the next steps to take.

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We have extensive knowledge of how to build a strong case after a truck accident, including the evidence needed, negotiating fair compensation and determining the value of the victim’s damages.

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