Workers Compensation

09 May

Can I Claim Workers’ Compensation Benefits for Hearing Loss?

People often think that you can only claim worker’s compensation benefits for injuries sustained in a single accident. However, occupational injuries or illnesses are also covered under worker’s comp. Hearing loss is a common condition that workers in certain industries, such as manufacturing and construction, may develop over time. If you have suffered a loss […]

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27 Apr

What if Your Boss Pressures You to Return to Work After an Injury?

The timeline to return to work begins on the day you became injured on the job. After your immediate medical needs have been met, your treatment and recovery are tracked until you can get back to work. During this time, your boss may pressure you to return to work quickly. He or she may even […]

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02 Mar

Wisconsin Worker’s Compensation and Employee Misclassification

Most workers in Wisconsin qualify for worker’s compensation benefits. However, some employers may misclassify their workers as independent contractors to avoid paying benefits. By listing certain workers as independent contractors instead of employees, a company may pay less for worker’s comp insurance. If a misclassified employee gets injured on the job, he or she may […]

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05 Jan

Qualifying for a Workers’ Comp Claim Due to Mental Injuries

In Wisconsin, someone who suffers from a work-related mental injury may be able to obtain worker’s compensation benefits from his or her employer. Our attorneys at Sigman Janssen explain circumstances when these benefits may apply and why you may want to consider having an attorney represent you and guide you through the claims process. Worker’s […]

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03 Jan

What Are My Options If Employer Refuses to File a Worker’s Comp Claim?

If you have been injured on the job, you have the right to worker’s compensation benefits to help cover medical bills and lost wages. It is important to notify your employer of the injury as soon as possible. Your employer is then responsible for filing a report of your injury to his or her worker’s […]

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09 Aug

How Can I Receive Worker’s Comp Benefits for an Occupational Disease?

Workers who get injured on the job may be eligible to receive worker’s compensation benefits. These benefits can also extend to those who contract an occupational disease in the workplace. However, you must be able to prove that your illness was the result of conditions particular to your job. If you have contracted an occupational […]

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10 May

Can I Take a New Job While Receiving Worker’s Compensation?

When a work-related injury puts an employee out of work for a significant time, he or she may start thinking about getting a new job. Returning to work may be a challenge because you feel stressed or anxious about what happened. Perhaps you want a safer job or one that is less physically taxing on […]

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13 Apr

Will I Lose My Worker’s Comp Benefits If My Employer Fires Me?

If you have suffered an injury on the job, it is important to know if you will continue receiving your worker’s compensation benefits until you can return to work. However, what if your employer fires you? Does this mean that you will lose your benefits? This is a concern for many employees, especially when jobs […]

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04 Mar

Can I Get Worker’s Comp If Injured While Working from Home?

With more employees working remotely these days, telecommuters may be wondering whether they will be covered by worker’s compensation if they get injured at home. A claim will need to meet certain standards, but you may be eligible for benefits if the injury is work-related. However, it can be more challenging to prove you suffered […]

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21 Jan

Job-Related Electrocution Accidents and Worker’s Compensation

Many workers are exposed to electrical hazards at their jobs. Whether they are working with damaged extension cords, faulty power lines or operating electrical equipment, the risk of electrocution is high. Electrical shocks and burns can result in serious injury or even death. If you or a loved one has suffered an electrical injury while […]

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