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17 Aug

Amendment to Water Ski Spotter Requirements in Wisconsin Pending in WI Legislature

The Wisconsin legislature is considering a change to the water ski spotter requirements for motorboat operators pulling a person on skis, aquaplanes, or similar devices. The existing Wisconsin law requires that there be a second person in the motorboat observing the person being pulled by the boat. That person is to be “competent” to be […]

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10 May

Providing For After-Born Children: Along With Advances in Science Comes Clarification in Laws

In Wisconsin, as in many other states, offspring conceived at the time of a parent’s death, subsequently born alive, and surviving for at least 120 hours past birth, are included in Wisconsin’s definition of “issue” and “children” for purposes of intestate succession. That definition of “issue” and “children:, however, does not extend to individuals conceived […]

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18 Apr

State Bar of Wisconsin Calls For Legal Service Funding To Be Restored

April 18, 2013 In any civil matter heard by the court system, such as a Wisconsin personal injury lawsuit, whether or not an individual has legal representation could have a drastic effect on the decision that is reached in the case. Unfortunately though, many citizens cannot afford to hire an attorney. Several years ago, Wisconsin eliminated […]

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04 Mar

Wisconsin Authorization for Final Disposition: Planning Your Own Funeral

According to a 2007 AARP survey, only 23% of people over the age of 50 had prepaid at least a portion of funeral or burial expenses for themselves or someone else. For many people, the act of prepaying such expenses is viewed as the utmost token of planning ahead and reducing anxiety for next-of-kin. Even […]

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