Auto Accidents

31 May

What Wisconsin Car Crash Victims Should Know About Chest Pain Following an Auto Accident

You should never take a car crash injury lightly, especially one that causes chest pain. Chest pain could be a sign of a dangerous injury, such as a punctured lung, broken ribs or even a heart attack. In this blog, we explain why some crash victims experience chest pain, the other symptoms that often accompany […]

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21 May

Recovering Compensation for Facial Injuries From a Wisconsin Car Crash

There are many severe car crash injuries, but few have the lasting impact of a facial injury. These are not just physical injuries. They are also psychological injuries that can have a negative impact on many aspects of your life. If you are suffering financial hardship and emotional trauma after a car crash facial injury, […]

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14 May

Understanding Car Accident Eye Injuries: Types, How They Occur and Legal Options for Victims  

Wisconsin car accidents can result in devastating injuries that could have permanent effects, such as permanent impairment or loss of vision. Even if you do not get hit in the eyes, you could suffer a traumatic brain injury that impairs your vision. In our blog below, our Sigman Janssen legal team explores the types of […]

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07 May

Does the Insurance Company Have a Valid Reason for Denying My Wisconsin Car Accident Claim?

Car insurance companies deny accident claims for many reasons. The question is: what is a valid reason for denying a claim? The insurance company could make a sound argument to support the decision, but how do you know you can trust what they say? This blog discusses valid and invalid reasons for denying Wisconsin car […]

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16 Apr

Claims for Brain Stem Injuries From Wisconsin Auto Accidents

Damage to the brain can cause long-term or even permanent health problems. This is particularly true with brain stem injuries, as an intact brain stem is vital for many essential bodily functions. While brain stem injuries can happen in many situations, one of the most common causes is car crashes. If a collision is caused […]

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14 Mar

Is It Normal to Feel Excessively Tired or Fatigued After a Wisconsin Auto Accident?

A car crash can be a scary and overwhelming experience, which is why many victims are not surprised to feel fatigued or extra sleepy. Typically, fatigue lasts a day or two and goes away. The trouble is that some victims continue to feel unusually tired or sleepy for several days or longer. This is not […]

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07 Mar

Can I Still File a Claim if I Have Memory Loss From My Car Crash Injury?

While some crash victims would like to forget the experience of the incident, others really do forget. This is often the result of a traumatic brain injury, although there may be other reasons. While memory loss is a deeply concerning and challenging symptom, it also raises questions about filing a claim for compensation. Can you […]

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23 Feb

Why Timid, Overly Cautious Drivers Are Dangerous and Put Others at Risk

Every driver has a legal duty to exercise an appropriate amount of caution on the road. However, some drivers take things too far. The irony is that being too cautious puts you at higher risk of a crash, much like reckless or impaired driving. In this blog, Sigman Janssen explains what it means to be […]

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20 Dec

What if the Driver Who Caused a Wisconsin Car Crash Was in a Rental Car?

When we get into the holiday season, you may be more likely to be sharing the road with drivers in rental cars. They may be from out of state or even somewhere else in Wisconsin. Most rental car drivers will get to and from their destination without any problems. However, some drivers may be unsure […]

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15 Dec

What You Need to Know About Commercial Truck Crashes Caused by Alcohol or Drug Use

There are many forms of truck driver negligence that can cause a crash, but the most dangerous type is impaired driving. Safely operating a commercial truck is already difficult without the delayed reaction time, impaired judgment and visual impairment often caused by alcohol or drugs. In this blog, Sigman Janssen discusses commercial truck crashes involving […]

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