Injured Employee Rights and Responsibilities

In Wisconsin, workers’ compensation laws are designed to ensure that injured employees receive the benefits they need to support themselves and their families while they are unable to work. As an injured employee, you have many employee rights in the workers’ compensation system, including:

  • The right to receive benefits regardless of who caused or contributed to your injury, except under the following circumstances:
    • your injury was self-inflicted or intentional,
    • or your injury happened during an off-duty activity.
  • The right to receive reasonable and appropriate medical care for your injury, including:
    • the right to choose a first and second choice of doctor,
    • and the right to seek medical treatment from a different doctor for emergency treatment or upon referral from your original doctor.
  • The right to strict confidentiality of your records and information.

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Employee Responsibilities

As an injured worker, you are responsible for beginning the process of filing your claim for workers’ compensation benefits. Additionally, you must follow all laws and guidelines as outlined by the Wisconsin Workers’ Compensation Division, including:

  • informing your employer about your work-related injury or illness as soon as possible,
  • informing doctors of how the injury occurred,
  • accepting reasonable medical examinations or surgical treatment,
  • providing the insurance carrier with current contact information, including home address and telephone number,
  • and informing the insurance carrier if your income changes.

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