Worker’s Compensation Claims for Toxic Chemical Exposure

worker's comp claims for toxic chemical exposureIn certain industries, workers are exposed to toxic and harmful chemicals on a regular basis. Exposure to these chemicals could result in serious, debilitating injuries or death. It is the responsibility of the employer to make sure that his or her employees have a safe environment to work in. Sometimes, however, those safety precautions are not enough to protect workers from toxic chemical exposure and getting harmed.

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Toxic Exposure in the Workplace

Toxic chemical exposure can happen due to sudden accidental spills or can occur slowly as workers inhale hazardous fumes, ingest chemical particles or the chemicals are absorbed through the skin. Some of the more common chemicals workers may be exposed to include:

  • Arsenic
  • Asbestos
  • Benzene
  • Beryllium
  • Cadmium
  • Chloroform
  • Diacetyl
  • Ethylene oxide
  • Formaldehyde
  • Hydrogen sulfide
  • Lead
  • Mercury
  • Methylene chloride
  • Silica

Exposure to these chemicals is often dangerous and can lead to serious injuries or illnesses, such as:

  • Allergic reactions and skin rashes
  • Itching and inflamed skin
  • Lung cancer
  • Mesothelioma
  • Neurological problems
  • Occupational skin diseases
  • Respiratory issues
  • Skin cancers
  • Skin infections
  • Systemic toxicity

Handling an Exposure to Toxic Chemicals

If you think your injury or illness was caused by exposure to toxic chemicals at work, it is important to obtain medical care. A physician will be able to assess your condition and provide a treatment plan to follow. You should also be quick to notify your employer. Under the law, you have 30 days to report any injury, but it is in your best interest to report it sooner rather than later. Your employer will likely refer you to a physician authorized within the worker’s compensation system for initial treatment. 

Filing a Claim Even If Employer Took Precautions

Even if your employer took safety precautions, you may still be able to file a worker’s compensation claim if you were injured by toxic chemical exposure. Worker’s compensation recovery is not fault based. You do not have to show that your employer was negligent.   

What needs to be proven in these claims is that you were exposed to a toxic and harmful chemical during the scope and course of your employment that resulted in you suffering an injury or illness.

Benefits for Injuries Caused by Toxic Exposure

Injured workers in Wisconsin may be eligible to receive certain benefits under the state’s worker’s compensation system, such as:

Medical Benefits

Once your employer and his or her worker’s compensation insurer is advised of the workplace injury and determines that it is covered under the law, they are responsible for paying for all necessary and reasonable medical care to treat an injury stemming from toxic chemical exposure. This may include:

  • Hospital stays
  • Surgeries, including corrective procedures
  • Medical tests
  • Doctor visits
  • Prescription medications
  • Travel costs to and from treatments

Wage Replacement Benefits

While in recovery, Wisconsin law provides temporary total disability (TTD) benefits, at two-thirds of your average weekly wage, or temporary partial disability (TPD) benefits. Temporary benefits end when you reach maximum medical improvement. If you sustain a permanent disability from toxic chemical exposure, you would be paid based on the seriousness of your disability as noted by your physician.

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