Wisconsin Officials Considering Changes to Workers’ Compensation System

August 15, 2013

Each year, thousands of Wisconsin citizens are the victims of on-the-job accidents that require they file for Wisconsin workers’ compensation benefits to cover expenses incurred due to the injuries. Now though, several businesses in the state are lobbying for reforms that would make it more difficult for injury victims to get the benefits they need.

An article released by Wisconsin Public News Radio explains the changes could include cutting the time injury victims can make claims for continued medical coverage to three years following an accident. There may also be a move to a more structured fee schedule when treating injured workers.

Business leaders say the main goal of the reforms is to reduce the costs associated with treating injured workers and to slash the number of fraudulent claims made each year.

Such changes could potentially only further complicate an already complex process to receive benefits after a workplace accident. Experts also say some of these changes could lead to doctors refusing to treat patients who are receiving workers compensation benefits.

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