Wisconsin Considering Cellphone Ban in Construction Zones

Distracted driving is a growing problem in Wisconsin. There were a total of 3,328 people killed and another 421,000 who were seriously injured as a result of distracted driving car accidents in 2012. The latter figure was a nine percent increase from the 2011 total.

Distracted driving is especially dangerous in construction zones, where a buzz of activity can quickly lead to a crash when drivers are not vigilant at all times. To address this issue, state lawmakers in Wisconsin are considering a ban on cellphone use in construction zones.

The only exception in the new law would be if drivers use hands-free devices with their phones. Proponents of the bill say they may even consider allowing motorists to make emergency phone calls.

According to an article from FOX 11 News, current law already prohibits drivers from texting while driving, and also prohibits inexperienced probationary motorists from using the devices while operating a vehicle.

The bill now is now being debated in the state senate.

At Sigman, Janssen, Sewall, Pitz & Burkham, our Appleton injury attorneys applaud the actions being taken to help reduce the number of distracted driving and construction zone accidents in Wisconsin and are hopeful the efforts are a success in achieving this goal!