How Refusing Medical Treatment May Affect Your Car Crash Claim

emergency department during daytimeIt is not uncommon for car crash victims to refuse medical treatment at the scene. They may be feeling some neck or back pain and not think it is serious. However, refusing medical treatment could be reason enough for the insurance company to pay out less in compensation than you need for your claim.

Our attorneys at Sigman Janssen recommend all of our clients seek immediate medical care after an accident. Doing so could help protect your health and help make your claim as strong as possible. If you have been injured in a car crash caused by another’s negligence, we are here to help.

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Why a Car Crash Victim May Refuse Medical Treatment

You would think that anyone injured in a car crash would seek medical care. However, it is surprising how many people do not. Perhaps they do not think they are injured or that their injuries are a big deal. Even some car crash victims who have sustained potentially serious head injuries may decide to go home and rest instead of calling 9-1-1 and going to the hospital, thinking that the pain will subside.

In other cases, a car crash victim may refuse medical treatment because he or she does not trust doctors or hospitals. Some victims may refuse out of fear of seeing a doctor and learning something is wrong with them. They would rather suffer than get an examination done. Certain people may have religious beliefs that prevent them from accepting blood transfusions or being treated by modern medicine.

While many of these reasons may be legitimate, the issue is that the insurance company may not see it that way. If you file a car crash claim and refuse to get medical treatment, you are making it easier for the insurance company to devalue or deny your claim.

Can Refusing Medical Treatment Affect My Car Crash Claim?

There are a lot of ways a refusal of treatment could damage your claim. You will likely receive a settlement offer for much less than your claim is worth, or the insurance company may deny your claim. The insurance company only cares about its best interest, which is to pay out as little as they possibly can. You do not want to give them any reason to invalidate your injuries.

Risk of Hidden Injuries

Refusing medical treatment may cause some injuries to remain hidden and undiagnosed. A delay in treatment after a car crash can worsen an existing injury or cause a new serious complication. Even seemingly minor injuries can become more serious and life-threatening without medical treatment.

Lengthier Recovery

Getting prompt medical care can help speed up your recovery. Otherwise, your recovery may take a lot longer than was necessary. It may even take longer for you to reach your maximum medical improvement or MMI. Most attorneys wait for victims to reach their MMI before attempting to settle car crash claims.

Refusing medical treatment also means having to wait to file your claim. You may not be able to recover the compensation you need to help cover your damages as soon as you may want.

Higher Damages

A lengthier recovery may increase your damages. For instance, you may incur more costly medical bills if your injury got worse and you needed extensive treatment. You may have missed more days from work while recovering from your injuries than you would have with prompt medical care.

Car crash claims with higher damages can be more difficult to handle than other types of claims. The other party and his or her insurance company will likely put up a bigger fight to avoid paying your damages. If the claim does not settle and you have to go to court, that is more money being spent.

Obligation to Mitigate Damages

When a person is injured by someone else’s negligence, the victim has a duty to mitigate his or her damages. For instance, you must take measures to get medical care and follow your doctor’s orders. Refusing medical treatment means failing to mitigate your damages.

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