Building a Case for a Lingering Injury Caused by a Car Accident

man suffering from back painAfter an accident, some victims may experience long-lasting symptoms from their injuries. This includes pain, mobility issues, cognitive deficits and much more. Recovering compensation for these issues is vital, as victims look to move forward and manage ongoing health issues.

You must prove your injuries are a direct result of the accident to recover compensation. You must also establish the value of your damages and provide evidence to support the damages you are seeking.

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Common Lingering Injuries After a Crash

Some of the most common long-term injuries that result from auto accidents include:

  • Soft-tissue injuries – For example, herniated discs cause mobility issues due to the pain of strained ligaments and pinched nerves. Treating these injuries often takes time, and the injury victim usually requires plenty of rest. Due to the nature of a herniated disc injury, victims may continue to feel pain and discomfort for the rest of their lives.
  • Traumatic brain injuries (TBI) – Concussions, contusions and other head injuries result in significant damage to the brain. The lingering effects of these injuries include memory loss and difficulty focusing or communicating, among many other potential symptoms.
  • Spinal cord injuries – These injuries can result in full or partial paralysis, so the lingering effects are more than just pain. Loss of mobility can have a serious impact on any person’s life.
  • Compound fractures – Whether full or partial, broken bones can lead to a multitude of issues. Especially if the bone is not set correctly, which would prevent it from healing properly.
  • Amputations – The removal of any limb can result in mobility issues and can prevent the victim from doing some of the things he or she did before the injury.
  • Burn injuries – Depending on the severity of the burn, injury victims may experience lingering pain and discomfort at the burn site. For third- and fourth-degree burns, scarring can also be an issue.

Recovering compensation for a lingering injury may be difficult, especially without an attorney on your side because the insurance company will look for any excuse to deny your claim.

Our experienced lawyers are prepared to help gather the evidence you need to prove you suffered a lingering injury and that it was a direct result of another party’s negligence.

Evidence in a Claim for a Long-Term Injury

Insurance companies look for any reason to deny or underpay car accident claims, particularly claims involving lingering injuries. These claims involve a lot more compensation, which means they cost insurance companies more money than other claims.

You need extensive evidence to not only connect an injury to a car crash, but to establish the value of your damages.

Your Medical Records

MRIs, X-rays and CT scans can help prove some injuries are lingering long after the crash. For example, if you have a herniated disc, you will likely need medical imaging results showing the herniated disc. Even with extensive treatment, the jelly-like substance that is leaking out from your spinal disc will not go back into place. This shows up on an MRI.

Your doctor’s notes also help to establish the severity of your injury and ongoing problems related to the injury. Your medical records also show how your recovery is progressing.

Keeping a Pain Journal

Sometimes the most prominent lingering issue is the pain you experience from your injuries. Keeping a journal to document how the pain you feel changes and affects your daily life may be a good idea. However, before you start a journal, talk to your attorney about it.

Just keep in mind that the insurance company will try and dispute the validity of the journal. That is why journal entries need to be dated. That is why a digital journal may be a good option, as there is a digital footprint of when information was entered into it.

Testimony From Your Family

Your family and loved ones will spend the most time with you after an injury. Therefore, their testimony may help determine the extent of your lingering injuries. Especially if the lingering injuries prevent you from participating in activities you enjoyed before the accident.

The insurance company may try to diminish the value of your loved ones’ testimony, but that does not make it any less valuable to your case. In a courtroom, it is up to the jury to determine whether someone’s testimony is credible.

How Can I Link My Lingering Injury to the Crash?

When pursuing compensation for your lingering injuries, it is not enough to prove you have them. You must also prove they are a direct result of the accident another driver caused.

To do this, it is important that you seek medical treatment right away. It may be best to get evaluated at the scene by a paramedic who can determine whether you should go to the emergency room for further evaluation.

An experienced attorney can review your claim to determine the best way to validate your injuries and the value of your damages. At Sigman Janssen, we have the resources to thoroughly investigate a car crash and build a robust case.

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