How Insurance Companies May Try to Mislead You After a Car Accident

injured driver talking to insurance companyAccident victims are often in a state of shock and uncertainty. That is why insurance companies like to contact victims soon after the crash. They are hoping to get victims to agree to a settlement far below what their claim may be worth.

It is important to educate yourself on how insurance companies may try to mislead you after an accident, so you are prepared.

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Telling You that You Must Give a Statement

One of the most common tricks insurance companies play is to insist you must give a recorded statement about the accident. They often say this within a few hours of the accident when a victim is still recovering, on pain medication or not aware of the full extent of his or her injuries.

While insurance adjusters may claim providing a recorded statement will “speed up the claims process,” they want a statement because they are hoping you will say something that will be used against you to deny or devalue your claim.

Adjusters have been trained to try to get accident victims to say something against their own interest, such as admissions of fault for the accident. They may ask leading questions to try to get this information or even repeat similar versions of the same question. They may also twist your own statements to damage your credibility.

Information you provide to the insurance adjuster right after the crash might be disproven later in the investigation. However, once you provide a recorded statement, it can be very difficult to dispute later. Recorded statements can also limit the value of a claim, particularly if you said things that appeared to minimize the severity of your injuries.

Acting Like Your Friend

Another common tactic that insurance adjusters may use is to act like your friend. They may express concern about your condition and try to convince you they are trying to close the case and secure top compensation for your recovery. They may send small checks to cover some costs to show good faith, such as costs to repair your vehicle or payment for a rental car. They may also call periodically to “check in” with you. These tactics are used to try to gain your trust so you will accept a lowball settlement offer or say things that lessen the value of your damages.

They may even try to convince you they are looking out for your best interests and if you work with a lawyer, he or she will take a huge chunk of your settlement to cover his or her costs.

Asking for Medical Records

While it may make sense for insurance companies to ask for your medical records so they can pay for your medical expenses, many times insurance companies ask for medical records to find information to use against you.

If you provide access to records from before the crash, they may find information about another injury and say your current health issues are a result of the old injury and not the accident.   

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