Construction Accidents Result in Hefty Costs for Companies Responsible

Data indicates that construction accidents are responsible for many on-the-job injuries that result in Wisconsin Workers Compensation Claims. Recently, several construction companies reached settlements with the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) regarding the fines they will pay for several serious and fatal construction accidents.

According to the Daily Reporter, the first incident occurred on April 20, 2012, when a crane owned by Lunda Construction Co. collapsed and killed a worker who was assembling the equipment along U.S. Highway 41. It was determined the company had failed to provide the employee with enough supervision and training and was responsible for the worker’s death.

Two and a half months later, a similar collapse injured an employee and claimed the life of another. Lunda was found responsible for the accident because they allowed workers to move a crane with a suspended load and failed to ensure all workers involved were able to communicate.

In all, Lunda was fined $126,000 for the incidents and was required to make several changes to their safety policies. Another company, Choice Construction, paid a fine of $8,000 for their part in the second accident.

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