Construction Accident Leads To Worker Injury

May 30, 2013

An Appleton construction accident earlier this month resulted in an employee suffering a workplace personal injury. Reports indicate the incident occurred on Wednesday, May 8, at St. Elizabeth Hospital on South Oneida Street.

An article from FOX 11 News explained that the victim was hired as part of a crew to complete an expansion project at the facility. The crew was utilizing a crane to perform its duties. When the worker entered the swing radius of the crane’s arm, he was struck by the machine. The incident resulted in the worker sustaining injuries requiring further treatment at a local trauma center.

The company has claimed it is following all safety procedures and regulations and an investigation into the incident has been launched.

The incident highlights the risks that construction workers face each day. The Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates that in 2011, accidents in the construction industry led to the second highest number of fatalities in the nation as compared to other occupational industries. That year, construction accidents claimed a total of 721 lives. This meant that almost nine workers for every 100,000 people in the construction industry suffered a fatal on-the-job injury.

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