Social Security Administration Expands List of Compassionate Allowances

Jan. 4, 2012

The Social Security Disability benefits processing system is currently so bogged down that it can take months for a person filing a claim to receive a decision. But, according to an article from The Associated Press, the Commissioner of the Social Security Administration, Michael J. Astrue, recently announced that he would be expanding a list conditions that will be fast tracked through the approval process.

The fast track program, known as Compassionate Allowances, is a list of ailments and conditions that can automatically qualify a Social Security Disability applicant for benefits. This is in place of the usual application process, which involves providing documentation from doctors and employers before a decision is reached.

The program has already helped as many as 20,000 people receive their Social Security Disability benefits, and many more are expected to file claims as the list expands to over 200 conditions. The SSA has added 35 new conditions to the list, including Lou Gehrig’s disease and certain cancers.  Claims through the Compassionate Allowances program can be processed in 10 to 15 days.