How Do I Check the Status on a Pending Social Security Disability Claim?

person checking status of disability claimIt can take some time for the Social Security Administration (SSA) to make a decision on your disability claim. During this time period, you may have questions about your pending claim. Fortunately, there are a number of ways to check your claim’s status, depending on the stage your disability claim is in.

Our Green Bay Social Security Disability attorneys at Sigman Janssen explain the importance of taking initiative and following up on your claim versus having to wait for the SSA to give you an update.

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Why You Should Check the Status of a Claim

It is important to check the status of your disability claim to ensure that it has not stalled for some reason. The SSA may reach out if further information or details are required to process your claim. For instance, your claim may need additional medical evidence, which requires getting in touch with your treating doctor. The sooner this information is submitted, the sooner the SSA can make a decision.

In some cases, a decision may not be sent out. Mistakes and mix-ups happen. Paperwork may get lost or misplaced. Mail may also get lost or fail to reach you in a timely manner. This can halt the progress of your case and waste valuable time.

The SSA may even fail to notify you that your claim has not been approved. Claimants only have 60 days from the date they receive a denial notice to file an appeal. It can be hard to adhere to a deadline if you are unaware your claim was stalled or rejected. In extreme cases, if the SSA determines that you missed the appeal date – even if the error was their own – you may have to file a new disability claim.

Checking your claim’s status will not only keep you up-to-date on the progression of your claim, but you can also learn if anything could be done to help speed up the review process.

Check Your Pending Disability Claim Online

You can check the status of your disability claim via the SSA’s site. It applies to claims filed for SSDI or SSI benefits as well as any pending reconsideration or hearing requests.

You will need to sign in or create an account to access your disability claim. Your claim status will show:

  • Date your disability claim or appeal was filed
  • Current status of your claim
  • Location of SSA office reviewing your disability claim or appeal
  • Re-entry number if your claim is pending or incomplete
  • Re-entry number if your appeal has not been completed or submitted
  • Date and time of a scheduled hearing, if applicable to your case

Other Ways to Check Disability Claim Status

Aside from looking up your claim status online, you can also check your status by:

  • Calling the SSA’s toll-free number at 1-800-772-1213, Monday through Friday between the hours of 8 a.m. and 5:30 p.m.
  • Calling your local field office. The phone number for Green Bay’s Social Security office is 888-862-4811. You can also find the nearest location to you using the SSA Office Locator.

How Often to Check Your Claim’s Status

Generally, you should check your claim’s status periodically – at least on a monthly basis.

Depending on your case, you may want to check more often, perhaps on a regular basis. For instance, a decision may be fast-tracked if your condition is listed on the Compassionate Allowances list, allowing you to receive disability benefits sooner.

If you recently submitted your claim, we recommend checking within two weeks to ensure it was well-received. If you are waiting for a decision that is overdue, be sure to check every few days or so.

Getting Notified of a Benefits Decision

If a decision has been reached by the SSA, checking your claim’s status online will provide this information much faster.

You will also receive notification of a benefits decision by getting an official letter from the SSA detailing the reason why your claim was approved or denied. An SSA representative may even call you in certain cases. You can also check your bank account every few days to see if a deposit has been made.

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