Workers' Compensation Process

Steps We Take

How We Resolve Workers' Compensation Cases

Workers’ compensation cases are often complicated and drawn out. At Sigman Janssen, we’ve handled many workers’ compensation claims, and we know how to achieve successful verdicts for our clients. Below, we’ve outlined the steps we take to resolve your claim. When we take on your case, we’ll be there to:

    1. Request and review your medical records
      Our Appleton workers’ compensation lawyers will get in touch with your medical provider to request a copy of your medical records. When we receive the records, we’ll review them carefully and ask for a written statement from your doctor confirming your injury.


    1. File a request for a hearing
      After we’ve reviewed your records, we’ll file an official request for a hearing with the Wisconsin Workers’ Compensation Division. At the hearing, we’ll present the facts of your case before a judge.


    1. Arrange your examinations
      We’ll help set up an appointment for your independent medical exam with a doctor. These appointments are often required by the insurance company. We’ll also arrange a functional capacity evaluation to determine your level of flexibility when performing work-related tasks such as lifting, sitting, bending, etc.


    1. Find alternative work for you
      If you can’t perform the same work as before, our workers’ compensation lawyers will arrange for you to meet with a vocational expert who will assess your condition and help you find alternative work.


    1. File a Certificate of Readiness
      Once we’ve taken all the preliminary steps and your case is ready, we’ll send a notice to the Wisconsin Workers’ Compensation Division to start your hearing.


    1. Negotiate a settlement
      Just before your hearing, we’ll begin negotiating with the insurance company for a settlement. During this time, we’ll also keep you informed of the strength of your case and how much we think your case might be worth.


If you’ve been hurt on the job and need help with a workers’ compensation claim, don’t hesitate to call Sigman Janssen. Our Appleton workers’ compensation lawyers have the experience and the legal knowledge to build the strongest cases possible for our clients. Call us at (877) 888-5201 or fill out free initial consultation form today.