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Wisconsin Workers Compensation Lawyers Discuss the Dangers of Transportation Accidents

by Keith Adkins | December 5th, 2013

December 5, 2013

When a worker is injured as the result of an on-the-job accident, he or she may be entitled to compensation from workers compensation benefits. Sigman, Janssen, Stack, Sewall & Pitz’s team of Wisconsin Workers Compensation Lawyers explain that the most common causes of injuries in these claims are transportation accidents. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, roadway and transportation incidents accounted for causing an estimated 40 percent of all workplace related fatalities last year.

Recently, a transportation accident near the town of Herman, Wisconsin, was responsible for leaving two commercial tractor-trailer drivers seriously injured. According to a story by the Daily Citizen, the crash happened just before 11:15 a.m. yesterday morning at the intersection of Highways 33 and P in Dodge County.

Reports indicate that a big rig traveling northbound on Highway P attempted to pass through the crossing with Highway 33, but it struck a second tractor-trailer. The impact caused the load being hauled by the second truck to come loose and spill into the highway, where a third vehicle collided with the freight.

The collision resulted in two drivers being seriously injured, requiring rescue crews to transport both victims to local hospitals for further treatment.

The law firm’s team of Appleton Personal Injury Lawyers is aware of the dangers transportation accidents pose to workers. That’s why the firm encourages any worker who is injured in an on-the-job accident to discuss their legal options with a qualified attorney.

Lawmakers Considering Reforms to the Wisconsin Workers Compensation System

by Keith Adkins | October 10th, 2013

October 10, 2013

When an employee is injured on-the-job, they often have a right to file for compensation for medical bills and lost wages through their employer’s workers’ compensation insurance coverage. The Wisconsin Workers’ Compensation Lawyers with Sigman, Janssen, Stack, Sewall & Pitz explain the system in Wisconsin is considered strong, with some of the lowest costs and fastest recuperation times in the nation. But recent rate spikes have some legislators considering changes to the law.

According to the LaCrosse Tribune, one study shows the costs for two different groups of patients to have Wisconsin doctors perform the same arthroscopic knee surgery differed by $2,155. The only difference between the two groups was one set of patients was covered by a group insurance policy, while the other was covered under the state’s workers’ compensation system. Those receiving procedures paid for by workers’ compensation coverage were being charged much more.

Now, lawmakers are considering measures that would create a fee schedule for the prices of procedures. Officials say the fee schedule would be set at 175 percent of what Medicare pays for a procedure, and they believe the measure would control inflating costs.

The law firm’s team of Wisconsin Personal Injury Lawyers recognizes just how complex the claims process for workers’ compensation can be. Sigman, Janssen, Stack, Sewall & Pitz is here to help anyone who has been injured while on-the-job.

Wisconsin Plant Fined $185,000 for Worker Safety Violations

by Keith Adkins | September 12th, 2013

September 12, 2013

The Wisconsin Workers’ Compensation Lawyers with Sigman, Janssen, Stack, Sewall & Pitz explain that fires and explosions are responsible for a large portion of work-related accidents. In fact, the Bureau of Labor Statistics estimated fires and explosions were responsible for roughly 3 percent of all workplace fatalities in 2012.

A manufacturing plant in Tomahawk, Wisconsin, owned by Packing Corp. of America, is required to pay a fine of $185,000 5after an accident involving a fire that left one worker seriously injured. According to an article from the Insurance Journal, the plant has been the site of five work-related fatalities since 2008.

Reports from the Occupational Safety and Health Administration indicate that the worker was attempting to restart a boiler at the facility when he suffered serious burn injuries. As a result, the company was issued 30 citations for safety violations. Some of the charges include failure to provide employers with proper safety equipment to conduct job duties and not storing hazardous materials in a proper fashion.

The company now has 15 days to either comply and pay the fines or contest OSHA’s findings.

Sigman, Janssen, Stack, Sewall & Pitz’s team of Wisconsin Personal Injury Lawyers is aware of the numerous dangers many workers face on a daily basis and are hopeful the fines recently issued will help improve work conditions at the facility.

Wisconsin Officials Considering Changes to Workers’ Compensation System

by Keith Adkins | August 15th, 2013

August 15, 2013

Each year, thousands of Wisconsin citizens are the victims of on-the-job accidents that require they file for Wisconsin Workers’ Compensation Benefits to cover expenses incurred due to the injuries. Now though, several businesses in the state are lobbying for reforms that would make it more difficult for injury victims to get the benefits they need.

An article released by Wisconsin Public News Radio explains the changes could include cutting the time injury victims can make claims for continued medical coverage to three years following an accident. There may also be a move to a more structured fee schedule when treating injured workers.

Business leaders say the main goal of the reforms is to reduce the costs associated with treating injured workers and to slash the number of fraudulent claims made each year.

Such changes could potentially only further complicate an already complex process to receive benefits after a workplace accident. Experts also say some of these changes could lead to doctors refusing to treat patients who are receiving workers compensation benefits.

The Wisconsin Personal Injury Attorneys with Sigman, Janssen, Stack, Sewall & Pitz are aware of how difficult the process of applying for workers’ compensation benefits can be, and they are here to help anyone who has been injured at work through no fault of their own.

OSHA Fines Wisconsin Construction Company $21,000 For Fatal Accident

by Keith Adkins | October 18th, 2012

October 18, 2012

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) recently fined Lunda Construction Co. $21,000 for three safety violations that resulted in the death of a worker in April. An article from the Green Bay Press-Gazette said OSHA officials believed the accident could have been prevented if workers had been properly trained.

The incident occurred on April 20 in the construction zone along US 41. The 59-year-old worker, from Black River Falls, was helping to assemble a crane arm when the piece of equipment shifted and became pinned on top of him. He died a short time later.

OSHA found the company failed to properly train and instruct workers through written procedure on safe crane assembly. Also, the company was found to have not provided a competent supervisor during the assembly process and failed to follow manufacturer’s recommendations during assembly.

The company has been cited for safety violations a total of 14 times over the past five years.

Frank Winingham, Director of OSHA in the Appleton, Wisconsin, area stated violations such as this are a major contributing force to workplace injuries and deaths that can often result in the need for employees and loved ones to file Wisconsin Workers’ Compensation or wrongful death claims.

The Appleton Personal Injury Lawyers with Sigman, Janssen, Stack, Sewall & Pitz want to help if you have a work-related injury claim.

Training Sessions Aimed at Improving Safety for Wisconsin Dairy Farmers

by Keith Adkins | September 6th, 2012

Sept. 6, 2012

Farm work is one of the most dangerous jobs in the United States. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), agriculture led all other industries in workplace fatalities and injuries, with a fatality rate of 26.8 deaths per 100,000 workers.

With agriculture accounting for nearly 10 percent of Wisconsin’s workforce, safety on the job is vital to prevent injuries requiring a Wisconsin Workers’ Compensation claim. Agri-View reports the National Farm Medicine Center and Professional Dairy Producers of Wisconsin (PDPW) have partnered to present safety training sessions to roughly 100 Spanish-speaking dairy workers across the state.

Topics covered during the two training sessions included animal handling, electrical safety, bovine obstetrics, and more. While the final topic may seem out of place, it has been found that during the calving process can be one of the most dangerous times to encounter a cow.

Oscar Duarte, a veterinarian who led the session, stated, “The idea of PDPW doing the obstetrics training and linking it to the safety of the worker is an opportunity for us to tell the worker that you have been trained on how to take care of the cow, now you will learn how to take care of yourself.”

The Appleton Personal Injury Lawyers with Sigman, Janssen, Stack, Wenning, Sewall & Pitz hoe that the sessions were successful in providing safety knowledge that workers can take back on the job and share with others.

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