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Social Security Disability: Mental Health Limitations

by sjs | January 30th, 2014

Mental health limitations are difficult to prove in a Social Security Disaiblity hearing; however, Attorney Burkham is committed to helping individuals with mental health problems be successful in their disability claims.  In one recent case, the claimant had been turned down by several other lawyers and his hearing date was fast approaching.  Attorney Burkham saw that this individual needed disability benefits in order to stabilize his life and her team of paralegals got to work fast getting updated medical records and doctors’ reports to prepare for a hearing that was scheduled only two weeks after taking the case.  Attorney Burkham represented the claimant in his hearing and ultimately they were successful in obtaining benefits.  Now the claimant has the financial means through benefits as well as insurance through the government to assist in stabilizing his life and allowing him to meet his obligations.

Social Security

by sjs | January 28th, 2014

Did you know that you can obtain Social Security Disability or SSI benefits even if you are now back at work? Oftentimes people are out of work for a period of a year or more but then recover and go back to work without knowing that they can apply for disability benefits.  However, the Social Security Administrations rules are that if you are disabled according to their guidelines for a period of at least twelve (12) months you can be eligible for benefits, it is called a Closed Period of Disability.  Attorney Ana Burkham has represented many claimants who have worked hard for their benefits all their lives and then found themselves with a significant illness or injury and needed the financial benefits from Social Security Disability to get through a closed period of disability. You need to be proactive though and file as soon as you think you may be disabled for a year or more, because you can only go back a year from the date of application  for SSDI benefits and for SSI benefits you are only eligible the month after you apply.


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