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Under-Insured Coverage: Navigating the Way

by sjs | January 29th, 2014

Attorney Jim Pitz recently obtained great success for a high school athlete who was injured so badly in an accident that high school sports were no longer possible. This case required a detailed analysis and legal briefing of insurance coverage on multiple policies. Auto insurance companies will typically dispute coverage even when they have responsibility to pay. Fortunately, Attorney Pitz was able to provide strong legal argument and analysis to the court that resulted in a favorable court ruling and forced the insurance company into negotiating a very good settlement for his client.

Motor Vehicle Accidents: Long Term Care After a Drunk Driving Accident

by sjs | January 22nd, 2014

Attorney James Pitz has recently concluded multiple cases involving severe life altering injuries resulting from motor vehicle accidents. Although Wisconsin’s laws on intoxicated driving have continued to toughen, people still drive drunk. Those drunk drivers hurt us all. Usually, accidents involving drunk drivers are at high rates of speed. Those high speed accidents frequently cause severe injuries. Brain injuries and severe orthopedic injuries are the most serious. Sometimes fatalities result. Attorney Pitz recently represented a college student who suffered devastating injuries as a result of a highway accident involving an intoxicated driver. The rehabilitation of this person’s injuries was long and grueling. Fortunately, Attorney Pitz was able to secure multiple insurance coverages for his client that have provided for life long assistance for this badly injured person.

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