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Guardianship & Protective Placement

by sjs | January 24th, 2014

Attorney Bridget Erwin recently aided a Green Bay woman with obtaining a court-ordered guardianship and protective placement for her elderly mother.  After years of caring for her mother in her own home, Attorney Erwin’s client was at a point where she could no longer provide the level of care her ailing mother needed.  Since the client’s mother no longer had the level of competency necessary to execute a power of attorney, it was necessary to petition the court for an order appointing the client as her mother’s guardian of the person and guardian of the estate and for an order for protective placement giving the client the ability to place her mother in a community based residential facility.

Attorney Erwin efficiently and successfully navigated her client through the process and procedures necessary to get the guardianship and protective placement in place.  As a result of Attorney Erwin’s efforts, the client’s mother is now receiving the level of care she needs at a facility very close to the client’s home, so visits between mother and daughter are able to continue on a regular basis.

Estate Planning for Guns: Gun Trusts Offer Solution for Both Owners and Survivors Alike

by sjs | January 21st, 2014

Federal and state rules and regulations governing the use and transfer of firearms are complex. As a result, many gun owners and their families may inadvertently find themselves in the midst of legal trouble as a result of possession and transfer attempts. Enter the gun trust, which is custom-designed to allow owners to share and pass down firearms to designated beneficiaries without breaking the law. In addition, gun trusts can avoid the standard transfer requirements that must otherwise be satisfied upon an owner’s death and can allow multiple people to possess and use a firearm owned by the trust. If you are interested in learning more about gun trusts and how they are rapidly becoming the preferred solution for private firearms ownership, contact Attorney Bridget Erwin today.

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