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Hard Work Brings Home Successful Collection Action

April 30, 2015

Attorney Chris Evenson won a judgment for a client who had loaned a family member a significant sum of money for the purchase of a home. The victory cam after a trial to the court and fully vindicated the client’s right to reimbursement for the money loaned. While there was no promissory note or other written […] Read more »

Beware, New Scam Targeting Wisconsinites

February 14, 2014

From the Milwaukee Journal: Deed Scam Tricks New Homeowners Into Buying Useless Documents Scammers doing business under multiple names — including Record Transfer Services — are soliciting consumers nationwide who conducted recent real estate transactions. The company tries to trick people into paying more than $80 for useless property records, including deeds that they can […] Read more »

University of Wisconsin Files Lawsuit Against Apple in Patent Dispute

February 06, 2014

When businesses seek the exclusive right to create, manufacture, and sell specific items, they apply for patents to prevent others from using their ideas or products. The Wisconsin Business Law Attorneys with Sigman, Janssen, Stack, Sewall & Pitz explain that if someone other than the patent holder attempts to use a patented idea or device, […] Read more »

Sigman Janssen is Your Resource for Corporate Collection

January 09, 2014

Attorney Christopher H. Evenson demonstrated the value of prompt lien filing in protecting a creditor’s rights in a case he handled on behalf of a local medical provider. He was able to press a hospital lien in conjunction with a personal injury claim, resulting in the equitable division of the proceeds resulting in a significant […] Read more »